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Title: "Falling Behind"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 43
Production Date: October 18th, 1993
Running Time: 30:10

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Production Notes:

May 10th, 2018
The Story Behind Falling Behind

B: We shot ROX #43 just outside Bloomington, near Lake Monroe, at the residence of one Ted Bowie. I don't think I ever met Mr. Bowie, and I believe he passed away just a couple years later. Our friend was housesitting for him.

We chose the location because we thought it would give a good view of the fall foliage, and so it did. Our humble video camera was hardly able to capture the glory beauty of the scene, however; the visuals are less than spectacular. I'm surprised by the backlighting on our main camera angle. It's amateur hour folks! Nevertheless we persisted, and this episode is (very) loosely constructed around a series of autumnal puns.

That brings us to the “falling sickness” and my seizure. As an epileptic, I was denied insurance because of my pre-existing condition, a fact which has always clarified my thoughts regarding the necessity of universal healthcare. What I don't... [More...]

June 24th, 2018
The House And Ted Bowie

Mr. G: This was the house of Ted Bowie and Marilyn Bowie. I was Ted's caretaker before my bicycle accident. Marilyn Bowie lived and worked in New York, but would come home to Bloomington every week. It was a lovely place to live. Eagle-eyed viewers can catch a glimpse of Ted on the back porch. Or maybe that's just my imagination...

Media for Falling Behind:
Pix for Falling Behind:
Grand Mal
J mixes a special drink in honor of Editor B's epilepsy.

Uncredited Animation
We didn't credit this short animated segment, but J thinks he did it with Moonboy.

Fit to be Drunk
J is stunned to realize that he's mixed a drink which is surpisingly good.

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