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ROX #74: Slaves to the Bean

Stimulating the gastrocolic reflex.




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Carl Orff
Dave Stewart

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Title: "Slaves to the Bean"

Series: ROX
Season: three
Episode Number: 74
Production Date: December 12th, 1994
Running Time: 29:30

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Production Notes:

August 20th, 2003
Bean There

B: In 1994, “Slaves to the Bean” was a finalist in the Hometown Video Competition, sponsored by 3M & the Alliance for Community Media.

August 28th, 2004
The Coffee Keeps Coming

PJ: I can't believe this thing is on the air.

It is all true. It speaks for itself, I only have one note:

I was a huge fan of J&B on the Rox when this was shot, and one of the things I had really wanted to do was be a part of a Rox segment. This day I was bussing tables at the Encore and took... [More...]

October 15th, 2004
Sorry, Not An Addict--

Angela: --just another conscienshuss user.


April 5th, 2006

Mr. Mike: one word that could be used to sum up ROX #74, as the crew examine the joys and perils of coffee addiction. Whether it's mocking “Reefer Madness” with the scratchy monochrome “Java Madness” (wherein J picks up the habit after one sip, and ends up killing people for vending machine change) or... [More...]

April 18th, 2006
Slave To The Bean

Stephen Donahue: what's with the “beeps” covering the curse words on this episode?

January 23rd, 2009
Um, Yeah Thanks Again For The "deflowering" Guys.

W. Owen:

And oh lord, yet another bad hair day of mine preserved for all eternity.

I do love how Java Madness has its own IMDB entry now though.

Media for Slaves to the Bean:
Pix for Slaves to the Bean:
W. Owen, Coffee Virgin
He's not exactly young or innocent, but he was a virgin -- a coffee virgin. We gave him his very first cup of joe ever. Now he's an addict.

Blue & White Rachel
"Never, ever store your coffee beans in the freezer."

Sinus Effects
Coffee can stave off an allergy attack and make you feel like Superman.

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