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Title: "Special Mish-Mosh Episode"

Series: ROX
Season: one
Episode Number: 8
Production Date: August 15th, 1992
Running Time: 38:30

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Production Notes:

October 5th, 2006
Get On The Omnibus

B: With our eighth episode a number of components clicked into place, so much so that I like to think the first season of ROX truly begins here. The previous seven episodes were just a warm-up.

We were dislocated and restless. I had broken up with my girlfriend; J and I had moved in together to an upstairs apartment at 521 N. Washington, an old, tall house covered with sky-blue vinyl siding. Thus, this was our first show that wasn't shot in J's basement at 711 E. Cottage Grove. We didn't know where to shoot the show, and so we ended up shooting all over the place. (J: “That's what she said!”)... [More...]


June 23rd, 2003
Out Of The Basement

Lynn: J&B abandon the basement format and head for the roof. This episode first features the style/composition that serves the show so well in later episodes. There is an anchoring set of segments that narrate and provide transitions between otherwise disparate segments of video. This narration combined with usually careful choice of intervening segments acts as a substitute for the plot that life generally lacks.

In this case, the anchors are all on the roof (or what B identifies as the roof). Presumably J&B (or just B as editor) thought this visual cue was necessary; later in the series... [More...]

August 11th, 2003

W. Owen: Pretty good early one, best viewed back-to-back with ROX #39 “Mish Mosh Revisited” if you have both on hand (or call CATS and request it as a double).

I mainly wanted to add that this one also aired on CATS completely by happenstance just a few days after the infamous Columbine tragedy...and with a “how to make a homemade bomb” segment prominently featured therein, you can easily guess what happened next (even with the actual names of the ingredients edited out).

That's right, still causing a shitstorm of controversy years after the show had officially ceased production, go team go.

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