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ROX #48: Mental Housecleaning

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Title: "Mental Housecleaning"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 48
Production Date: December 10th, 1993
Running Time: 34:05

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Production Notes:

August 24th, 2003
Two Ways To Clean House

B: I don't think we ever explained the double entendre of the title for ROX #48, “Mental Housecleaning.” We were catching up on a big backlog of viewer mail, some of it many months old, which was an obvious form of mental housecleaning. The other meaning, which we neglected to mention, refers to the well known fact that alcohol kills brain cells; therefore, heavy drinking is a form of mental housecleaning as well.


September 11th, 2003
One Of The Best Opening Segments Ever...

W. Owen: Of all the on-camera moments where J's train of thought flies right off the tracks, that one has to rank as the funniest.

(And what's not to love about a show where B sticks the camcorder in the fridge in order to finally answer that age-old question of whether or not the light really goes out?)

March 25th, 2009
Nikita Is My Friend's Name

Oz: While doing some of our own mental housecleaning myself and two others decided an episode of J&B on the rox was in order.

Like all things J&B there is no meaning to the madness leading us to this episode but we were happy with it.

Highlights include MoonBoy's reference to the hi and low's of the drag queen experience (as my friend Nikita was watching and felt very special to have heard her name on such a distinctly potable (haha)show such as this). Bullwinkle's is long gone now, however it is always to joy to see the rich history of B-ton.

Particle butthead is an asshole. A BIG... [More...]

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Moonboy speculates on the highs and lows of a drag queen.

Burning Poetry
The poetry of Dennis Sipe inflames our sensibilities.

XY Analytical
XY's GRE scores reveal a distinctly non-analytical mindset.

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