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ROX #38: My Mother the Doctor







Music By

Carl Orff
Beastie Boys
Erik Satie


Title: "My Mother the Doctor"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 38
Production Date: September 1st, 1993
Running Time: 32:01

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Production Notes:

August 21st, 2003
Treasured Trash

B: ROX #38 features XY's fabulous “Dumpster Diving” segment. It's one of our finer moments, and it won an Honor Award in America's College Video Competition (1994). We entered her in the contest because she was in graduate school at the time, and therefore technically eligible. (J and I had finished our undergraduate careers in 1990.) As part of the prize, XY also won an internship at MTV, which in turn became the subject of ROX #62, “XY in NY.”

The other highlight of ROX #38 is “To the Graduating Class,” a demotivational poem by the insidious Paul Smedberg.


March 27th, 2017
In Memoriam

B: The ROX troupe collectively mourns the passing of J's mother, aka Dr. Pat. But we are happy to report that thanks to CATS we've now been able to upload ROX #38, “My Mother, the Doctor.” This is the first time the full program has ever been made available online. One of our better programs from Season Two and a fitting tribute to an extraordinary woman!

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Tastes like... shoes?

"You think the appeal of this studentine ghetto will wear down and off as you reach predicted maturity."

Down with DPP
J mixes up Dr. Pat's Punch.

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