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Event: "J&B on the ROX" Debuts on Cable TV
Location: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove
Event: B & XY Get Married
Location: John Waldron Arts Center
Event: B Gets Arrested for Streaking
Location: Indiana University, Bloomington Campus
Event: Festival of Fools
Location: Dunn Meadow
Location: Kirkwood Avenue
Location: Washington Street
Event: Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall
Location: Alabama
Location: Louisiana
Location: Mississippi
Event: Hurricane Rita Makes Landfall
Location: Louisiana
Location: Texas
Event: J & Day Get Married
Location: Lexington
Event: ROX Season One DVD Release Party & 20th Anniversary Celebration
Location: The Comedy Attic
Event: ROX Season Two Digital Release Party & Tarnished Silver Anniversary Celebration
Location: The Comedy Attic
Event: Winterfest 2003
Location: The Crow's Nest
Pix for Events:
Fools on Washington
The Festival of Fools parade proceeds down Washington Street.

Mosquito Cover
David Christman does a ukele-cover of Jonathan Richman's "I'm Nature's Mosquito."

Puppet Knight
The evil Bobby Knight tries to prevent the union of the two lovers. Amanda made the puppet.

LCD Rhythm Section
Ned B. pounds the skins, Jack F. rocks the bass.

Overhead Projector
What's that overhead?

Puppet XY
Angela made this beautiful puppet to represent XY. As a special touch of realism, her head is full of Play-Doh.

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