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Yes, we're narcissistic.

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Strain the Itch
J strains the Seven Year Itch.

Eric Interview
Eric talks about police-community relations.

Napoleon Smells
J doesn't care for the smell of his Napoleon.

Monotono-theism B
B introduces another vocabulary word.

J discovers a giant nest.

Friedrich Nietzsche coined the term "monotono-theism."

Puppet Knight
The evil Bobby Knight tries to prevent the union of the two lovers. Amanda made the puppet.

J gives himself goosebumps reading from the Disorientation Manual.

Smoking Rose
Worm smokes rose leaves.

Purple & Green J
J turns green -- and a little purple -- through our high tech special efects wizardry.

The Face of Michael Northam
Michael Northam paid us a visit as he passed through Bloomington, Indiana.

Mike and Arie
XY's father and grandfather stand outside the Monroe County Injustice Building before B and XY's legal marriage ceremony.

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