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Moon Pack
Lindsy Pack let us use some beautiful video he'd shot of the moon.

Spring Break Mentality
The class of '93 celebrates high school graduation in Myrtle Beach.

B With Cam
B videotapes the parade preparations.

Six Six Six
Title frame for "Six Six Six."

Xy Bolus
Xy samples the Thinking Man's Bolus.

J&B Again
J&B play host to yet another episode of ROX.

Spud Wipes Out
Ice is slippery, after all.

The Passage of Time
Tick tock tick. That's the sound of your life slipping away while you watch this stupid televsion show.

Rolling Downhill
J hams it up even more than usual.

All Saint's Day
Title frame for "All Saint's Day."

Another Receipt
We kept getting bundles of receipts in the mail from someone named "Joe M. Ma."

Climb A Tree
"Cut off the soles of your shoes, climb a tree and learn to play the flute."

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