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BJ Never
B explains why he never stands to the right of J.

Phil Explains
Drawing on years of experience as the foreman of plumbing at Indiana University, Phil Taylor enumerates the various types of urinals found on campus.

Jose Marti
Jose Marti was cool. He started the Cuban Revolutionary Party and campaigned relentlessly for liberation from Spain. This statue is located in Mid-City New Orleans.

Cam 2: Frank
Frank borrowed Xy's video camera to head up our second camera crew for ROX #63. Here, he videotapes his mirror image in the break room at the College Mall McDonald's.

J Breath
J's alcohol-laden breath melts the camera lens.

You call him Jonathan. We call him the Moon.

The Tree That Owns Itself
This is what a self-owned tree looks like.

Bonnie Recounts
Dr. Martha "Bonnie" Kendall recalls her encounter with a women's urinal.

Woody Burton, State Representative
We interviewed Representative Woody Burton in his home in Greenwood, Indiana. He was sponsoring a bill to impose a mandatory minimum sentence on people having sex in parks. We thought that was horseshit.

Straight Ahead
"Look straight ahead -- don't look over at the other guy's urinal."

Camera Operator A
Mr. G, also known as Camer Operator A, demonstrates his signature style.

The Prices Are Nice
"The prices are all real nice, and you can always get a good bargain here at the mall."

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