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Yes, we're narcissistic.

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J demonstrates his famed blending technique. What drink is this anyway? I can't remember.

$top Corporate Greed
A protestor against the FTAA.

J&B in the Rain
J&B: Two dumb Hoosier fucks who don't know enough to come in from the rain.

Peace Poetry
Poetry for peace.

Adil interviews an American shopper: "We don't have any shopping malls in Pakistan. Do you feel that they are a very American place to be?"

One for the Title
Title frame for "One for the Road."

B Raps
"Forget Vicks and NyQuil -- I tried all of them."

Two Black Pocket Tees
J&B coordinate their fashion sensibilities.

Even after all these years, the Have Fun Club can be contacted via their post office box.

Worm is ready for anything.

Toe Lick
TBlack licks a young lady's foot.

ALVA Matrix
A typical end credit from our second season.

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