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Hoosiers play their favorite game/religion at the HPER Building on the campus of Indiana University.

Jack Flannel sings of his dorky friendship.

Fret Bowling
Any extreme to get just the right note out of that guitar.

Censored for the first time -- but not the last.

Love on the ROX
Title frame for "Love on the ROX."

Richard & Holly
Rich Fish vocalizes for Last Minute Productions at the Fourth Street Festival. That's Holly in the background!

Overhead Projector
What's that overhead?

Property Title
Title frame for ROX #91.

Lexicon of Lies
Title frame for "Lexicon of Lies."

Worm imagery courtesy Paul Smedberg, from the as-yet-unreleased science fiction spectacular "Worms from Planet Fooma."

Happy J
Is he on drugs or something?

Two Black Pocket Tees
J&B coordinate their fashion sensibilities.

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