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Featuring XY
XY -- She Who Cutteth Up.

XY and B
Title frame for "XY and B."

Scenic Greenwood, IN
ROX makes a triumphant return to B's hometown.

Fez is a city in Morocco, located northeast of Casablanca. It is also the name given to a particular kind of flat-topped felt hat worn by men of the eastern Mediterranean.

Mildred feeds the calves.

93 Title
Title frame for ROX #93.

Jim Explains
Jim Beeson discusses the finer points of urinal etiquette.

Menudo Doesn't Work
Menudo is reputed to be a hangover cure. This gentleman advised us that "it doesn't work, but it tastes damn good."

TBlack Interrupts the Ceremony
The ex-boyfriend attempts to derail the wedding. (Yes, that's the inimitable TBlack.)

SOS Title
J gets ready to mix a Same Old Shit -- on the back of a toilet, of course.

The End of an Era
The core ROX crew lived in this big old house for just one year.

Richard Cowan Speaks
Richard Cowan spoke to us about the injustice of the so-called War on Drugs.

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