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A thinly veiled excuse to get drunk.

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Pix by Drink

Drink: 80 Proof Sun Protection
Image: 80 Proof Sun Protection
Image: Disaster Averted
Image: A Stiffie and a Biggie
Image: Sunburn
Drink: Amaretto Sour
Image: Amaretto Sour
Drink: Another Bad Creation
Image: Another Bad Creation
Image: Blow the Head
Drink: Apple B.J.
Image: Apple B.J.
Image: J w/J&B
Image: Apple B.J. 2
Image: Apple B.J. 3
Image: Apple B.J. 4
Image: Apple B.J. 5
Drink: Banana Daiquiri
Image: Blend
Drink: Bass Pale Ale
Image: Bass Triangle
Drink: Berliner
Image: Berliner
Image: Berliner Sample
Drink: Big Lot
Image: Big Lot
Image: Do Not Try This At Home: B
Image: Do Not Try This At Home: J
Drink: Bitter Orange
Image: J Gets Bitter
Drink: Bleach Blonde
Image: B Sees Thru
Drink: Blue Hawaiian
Image: Blue Hawaiian
Drink: Blue Law
Image: Blue Law
Drink: Boilermaker
Image: Cheap Gin
Drink: Bourbon & C
Image: J Tastes B&C
Image: Mohawk Toast
Drink: Brownie Blues
Image: Brownie Blues Title
Image: Blue Flame
Drink: Carolina
Image: Carolina
Image: Worst
Image: Separate Egg
Image: Distinctly Uncarolinian
Drink: CBGB
Image: CBGB
Drink: Christ with a Y
Image: Christ with a Title
Drink: Cocaine on the Rox
Image: Cocaine Title
Drink: Cold Chocolate
Image: Cold Chocolate Title
Drink: Crotch Cooler
Image: Crotch Prep
Drink: Dead Man's Float
Image: Dead Man's Float
Image: Dead Men Sip No Drinks
Image: Better Than Potable
Image: 2 Oz. Cognac
Image: J Sips the DMF
Drink: Dirt
Image: Dirt Title
Drink: Dr. Nickell's Knuckle-Sucker
Image: Knuckle Sucker Title
Image: 3 Oz. Clear, Sweet Carbonated Beverage
Image: J's Brother Alan
Image: Not Good
Drink: Dr. Pat's Punch
Image: Dr. Pat's Punch Title
Image: Down with DPP
Drink: Fat Albert
Image: Fat Albert Title
Image: Niki Tastes
Image: Jorge Gets Fat
Drink: Fig Leaf
Image: Fig Leaf
Drink: Fireball
Image: T Blows
Drink: Fool's Gold (Festive Version)
Image: Golden Hue
Image: Pyrite
Image: Nothing Else
Drink: Grand Mal
Image: Grand Mal
Image: Ecstatic
Image: Pour It All In
Drink: Grandpa's Morning Secret
Image: Secretive J
Drink: Guinness Extra Stout
Image: Smell the Guinness
Drink: Guttersplat
Image: Guttersplat
Drink: Hairy Earlobe
Image: Hairy Title
Drink: Head Buzz
Image: Head Buzz
Image: Mango Madness
Image: A Little Bit of Triple Sec
Drink: Headstone
Image: Headstone
Image: Headstoned
Drink: Helluva Buzz
Image: Helluva Title
Drink: High School Daze
Image: Daze Title
Image: Daze Recipe
Drink: Hot Rod Ale Flip
Image: Hot Rod
Drink: Hurricane
Image: Hurricane PJ
Drink: Insomniac
Image: Insomnisip
Drink: Just Say Yes!
Image: Yes Title
Drink: Kremlin Kocktail
Image: Kremlin Kocktail
Image: Kremlin Sample
Drink: Late Period
Image: Late Period
Drink: Leap of Faith
Image: Leap Drink
Image: Leap Leap
Image: J Pours O.J.
Drink: Loaded Sherbet
Image: Ready to Load
Drink: Luv on the ROX
Image: Luv on the ROX
Drink: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Snotrag
Image: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Medicinal Drink
Image: Medicinal Effect
Image: Words of Wisdom
Image: Cold's Banishment Tea
Drink: Mint Julep
Image: Mint Julep
Image: 20 Mint Leaves
Image: Worth It
Image: Silver or Pewter Cup
Drink: Mintal Ward
Image: Mintal Ward
Image: Two Ounces
Image: Three Dollops
Drink: Myrtle Beach Lager
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager Impressions
Drink: Napoleon
Image: Small Bottle
Image: Napoleon Smells
Image: Tongue Stuck
Drink: One for the Road
Image: One for the Title
Drink: Orange Aid
Image: Orange Aid Title
Drink: Orange Whiskey
Image: Orange Whiskey Title
Image: Vagina
Drink: Parisian Blonde
Image: Parisian Blonde
Drink: Parting Shot
Image: Real Rocks
Drink: Philo T. Farnsworth Float
Image: Dawn of TV
Image: Onions
Drink: Pilsner Urquell
Image: Russ Toasts
Drink: Piña Colada
Image: Piña Title
Drink: Poor Brian's Run
Image: Ready to Run
Drink: Porcelain Goddess
Image: Goddess Day
Image: Porcelain POV
Drink: Port Flip
Image: Stir The Fuck Out Of It
Drink: Quick Uncomfortable Screw
Image: Unscrewed Title
Drink: Right Between the Ice
Image: Right Between the Ice
Image: 2 Ice Cubes
Image: Aftereffect
Image: Amaretto: Pour It All In
Drink: Rocky Rumpus
Image: Oyster Sauce Lump
Image: Rocky Rumpus
Drink: Salome Cocktail
Image: Salome Cocktail
Image: Disgusting!
Image: A Sip of Salome for J
Drink: Same Old Shit
Image: Tastes Like Shit
Drink: Scotch & Ashes
Image: Dick 'n' Dad
Image: Screaming for Scotch
Drink: Screwdriver
Drink: Seven Year Itch
Image: Phallus
Image: Seven Year Itch Drink
Image: Jäger: Pour It All In
Image: Twist of Pepper
Image: Strain the Itch
Drink: Shandy Gaff
Image: Shandy Ginger
Drink: Shirley Temple Blackhead
Image: Blackhead Title
Drink: Shortcut
Image: Shortcut
Drink: Shriner Spritzer
Image: Spritzer Title
Drink: Sorrows Drownder
Image: Drunk
Image: Finger Technique
Image: Sorrows Drownder
Drink: Stone Fence (Road Version)
Image: Stone Fence Squared
Drink: Sweet Blood of London
Image: Sweet Blood Title
Drink: TBlack Jack
Image: Black Jack Title
Drink: Tequila Shot
Image: Tequila Shot
Drink: The Pisser
Image: Pisser
Drink: The Slacker
Image: Slacker Title
Image: Symbolic Whirlwind
Drink: The Whiner
Image: B Whines
Drink: Thinking Man's Bolus
Image: Thinking Man's Bolus
Image: Xy Bolus
Drink: Twister
Image: Twister
Drink: Vanishing Point
Image: Vanishing Point
Drink: Vodka Cranberry
Image: Vodka
Image: Day Drinks Vodka Cranberry
Drink: Whining Banana
Image: Whining Banana
Image: Whining Banana B
Drink: Whisky Hairball
Image: Hairball Title
Image: Hairball Drink
Image: Hairball Ingredient
Drink: White Russian
Image: Russian J
Drink: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Sugar Disaster
Drink: Zima Slimeball
Image: Zima Slimeball
Image: Green Glass of Grossness
Drink: Zombie
Image: Zombie Title
Image: Mummy
Pix for Drinx:
Symbolic Whirlwind
"You'll want to shake it, symbolizing the whirlwind uncontrollability of our lives."

Cocaine Title
Title frame for "Cocaine on the ROX."

Crotch Prep
J gets ready to mix a Crotch Cooler.

Smell the Guinness
Russ and J take a deep whiff of Guinness Extra Stout. Note the horizontal video glitch that permeated this production.

J always uses the finest brands for his fine drinks.

Blow the Head
J blows the head off Another Bad Creation.

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