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Drinx by Episode

Episode: 100: Episode Number One Hundred
Drink: Black T
Episode: 99: Go Viral or Die Tryin'
Drink: Amaretto Sour
Drink: Wedding Anniversary
Episode: 98: Clusterfuck
Drink: Homebuyer's Sunset
Episode: 93: After the Levees Failed
Drink: Hurricane
Episode: 92: Property is Theft, Part II
Drink: White Russian
Episode: 91: Property is Theft
Drink: Porcelain Goddess
Drink: Hurricane
Episode: 90: Fat
Drink: Bloody Mary
Drink: Fat Albert
Drink: Bourbon & C
Episode: 89: In Praise of Folly
Drink: Shortcut
Episode: 88: J&B's Mid-Life Crisis
Drink: Napoleon
Episode: 87: The Seven Year Itch
Drink: Rocky Rumpus
Drink: Vodka Cranberry
Drink: Seven Year Itch
Drink: Sorrows Drownder
Episode: 85: Global Village Idiots
Drink: Zima Slimeball
Drink: Blood, Sweat & Caffeine
Episode: 83: J&B Eat Garlic
Drink: Gary Mary
Episode: 82: The RCA State
Drink: Philo T. Farnsworth Float
Drink: Duesseldorfer Amber Ale
Episode: 81: Bahamian Rhapsody
Drink: Coffee & Cream
Drink: Kalik
Drink: Junkanoo Punch and Nickell Bourbon
Drink: So Co and Ginger Ale
Drink: Busted Bourbon
Drink: So Co & Junkanoo
Drink: Bahama Piña Colada
Drink: So Co Straight Up
Episode: 80: The Potable Gourmet
Drink: Scotch & Ashes
Drink: TBlack Jack
Drink: Fireball
Drink: Hairy Butthole
Drink: Stoli Frozoli
Drink: Hot Rod Ale Flip
Drink: Hairy Earlobe
Drink: Cold Chocolate
Drink: Christ with a Y
Episode: 79: Trip
Drink: Blackhawk
Drink: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode: 78: Love on the ROX
Drink: Luv on the ROX
Drink: The Pisser
Episode: 77: How to Make Your Own TV Show
Drink: Vodka Snowball
Episode: 76: Brew Ha Ha
Drink: Boilermaker
Drink: Zima
Episode: 75: A Semisesquicentennial Celebration
Drink: Scotch Straight Up
Drink: CFC Punch
Drink: Big K Slammer
Drink: Commie Communion
Drink: Boomerang
Episode: 74: Slaves to the Bean
Drink: Coffee
Drink: Helluva Buzz
Episode: 73: Prize Fools
Drink: Maggot de Menthe
Drink: Hard-Hearted Harned
Drink: Vaginal Blood Fart
Drink: Fool's Gold (Prize Version)
Episode: 72: BCAT XMAS
Drink: Kroger Eggnog
Episode: 71: Generation Why?
Drink: Coffee & Frangelico
Drink: The Whiner
Drink: Bleach Blonde
Drink: Shirley Temple Blackhead
Episode: 70: Head Jobz
Drink: Headstone
Episode: 69: Blood on the Dial
Drink: Zombie
Drink: Tom Collins
Episode: 67: All Saint's Day
Drink: Salome Cocktail
Drink: Bloody Mary
Drink: St. Petersburg
Episode: 66: Gateway
Drink: Stone Fence
Episode: 65: Flow
Drink: Dead Man's Float
Episode: 64: The Overt Promotion of Anarchy
Drink: Prince Kropotkin's Pumpkin Cup
Episode: 62: XY in NY
Drink: Manhattan Transfer
Episode: 61: Moving on Down
Drink: Guttersplat
Episode: 60: Sustaining the Buzz
Drink: Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut
Episode: 58: Coping with the Shock
Drink: Cattle Prod
Drink: Pusser's Painkiller
Episode: 57: The Worm Turns
Drink: Banana Daiquiri
Drink: Nutty Worm
Drink: Pap Smear
Episode: 55: Up All Nite
Drink: Insomniac
Episode: 54: Six Six Six
Drink: Mintal Ward
Drink: Medicinal Brandy
Episode: 53: Back in the Camera Again
Drink: Just Say Yes!
Episode: 52: J&B on Ice
Drink: Right Between the Ice
Drink: Head Buzz
Episode: 51: What's in Store for '94?
Drink: Hot Damiana
Episode: 50: Golden Showers
Drink: Bloody Urine
Drink: Black Bladder
Episode: 49: The Mystical State
Drink: High School Daze
Episode: 48: Mental Housecleaning
Drink: Same Old Shit
Drink: Brownie Blues
Episode: 47: The Nature of Reality
Drink: Crotch Cooler
Episode: 46: How to Load Fruit
Drink: Loaded Sherbet
Episode: 45: 29 Minutes
Drink: Whisky Fastball
Drink: 3 the Fast Way
Drink: One Minnit Mix→Up
Episode: 44: A Leap of Faith
Drink: Vanishing Point
Drink: Leap of Faith
Episode: 43: Falling Behind
Drink: Another Bad Creation
Drink: Grand Mal
Drink: Late Period
Episode: 42: Hallowgiving '93
Drink: Up In Smoke
Drink: The Old Switcheroo
Drink: Flaming Hot Bird
Episode: 41: Tying One On
Drink: CBGB
Episode: 40: The Eternal Return
Drink: Apple B.J.
Episode: 39: Mish-Mosh Revisited
Drink: Thinking Man's Bolus
Episode: 38: My Mother the Doctor
Drink: Dr. Pat's Punch
Drink: Quick Uncomfortable Screw
Drink: Dr. Nickell's Knuckle-Sucker
Episode: 37: Sloppy But Quick
Drink: Shriner Spritzer
Drink: Dirt
Episode: 36: B's Summer Vacation
Drink: Carolina
Drink: 80 Proof Sun Protection
Drink: Myrtle Beach Lager
Drink: Mint Julep
Episode: 35: J's Summer Vacation
Drink: Bluegill
Drink: Antioch Cocktail
Drink: Cocktail in the Rough
Episode: 34: J&B's Freshman Orientation Program
Drink: Fig Leaf
Drink: Blue Law
Drink: Screwdriver
Episode: 32: Mom, Dad, I'm Getting Married
Drink: Orange Aid
Episode: 31: A Toast to Poverty
Drink: Poor Brian's Run
Drink: Blue Hawaiian
Episode: 30: Funky Young Siblings of the Midwestern Hemisphere
Drink: Question on the Mount
Drink: Moose in the Bush
Episode: 29: Our Drinking Problem
Drink: Amaretto Coffee
Drink: Irish Coffee
Drink: Coffee Grog
Drink: Coffee
Episode: 28: The Great Midwestern Watershed
Drink: 15 Second Sundae
Drink: Watney's Cream Stout
Drink: Prarie Fire
Drink: Snow Good
Episode: 27: Fifteen Seconds of Fame
Drink: Media Blitz
Episode: 26: J&B Get Sick
Drink: Herbal Tea
Drink: Pitcher Full of Screwdrivers
Episode: 25: An Amazing Concatenation of Events
Drink: Grape Ape
Drink: Heavy Sugary Mexican Coffee
Drink: Chamomile Tea
Episode: 24: A Badly Dubbed Foreign Film
Drink: Parisian Blonde
Drink: Berliner
Drink: Kremlin Kocktail
Drink: Whining Banana
Episode: 23: Sunday Morning
Drink: Pitcher Full of Screwdrivers
Drink: Mimosa
Drink: Grandpa's Morning Secret
Episode: 22: Boyz Nite In
Drink: Glenlivet
Drink: Dewar's
Drink: Chivas Regal
Drink: Cocaine on the Rox
Drink: One for the Road
Episode: 21: Our 21st Birthday
Drink: Wrong Island Iced Tea
Drink: J&B on the ROX
Drink: Hot Scot
Episode: 20: J&B's Holiday-Type Festivity
Drink: Kroger Eggnog
Drink: Hot Wassail
Drink: Martinelli's Sparkling Cider
Episode: 19: Cold Weather Tips
Drink: Hot Buttered Rum
Drink: Desert Heat
Drink: Mexican Coffee
Drink: Bolla Soave
Episode: 18: Beer and Its Abuses
Drink: Shandy Gaff
Drink: Pilsner Urquell
Drink: Bass Pale Ale
Drink: Guinness Extra Stout
Episode: 17: J&B Give Thanx
Drink: Tom Collins
Drink: Sweet Blood of London
Drink: Port Flip
Drink: Whisky Hairball
Drink: Piña Colada
Episode: 16: Out of Work, Out of Mind
Drink: Orange Aid
Drink: Bitter Orange
Drink: Orange Whiskey
Drink: The Slacker
Episode: 15: Congrats to Clinton
Drink: Cold Duck
Drink: Xy's Gin & Tonic
Drink: Gennifer Flowers Screwdriver
Episode: 14: Not Special Episode
Drink: Whiskey Shot
Episode: 13: J&B Unmasked
Drink: Bloody Mary
Drink: Bud Dry
Drink: Casillero del Diablo
Drink: Old Nick
Drink: Busch Beer
Episode: 12: Peace & Justice Special
Drink: Peace & Justice Banana
Drink: Free Spirits
Episode: 11: A Festival of Fools
Drink: Big Lot
Drink: Fool's Gold (Festive Version)
Episode: 10: Personal Hygiene Episode
Drink: Body Substance
Drink: Bladderscratcher
Drink: Udderly Fantastic
Episode: 9: Family Values Special
Drink: Cultural Elite Martini
Drink: Milky Mama
Drink: Concord Donkey Turd
Drink: All in the Family
Episode: 8: Special Mish-Mosh Episode
Drink: Piper
Drink: Kentucky Heifer
Drink: Scottish Leprechaun
Drink: Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout
Drink: Fischer d'Alsace Amber
Drink: Chimay Ale
Episode: 7: Industrial Strength Episode
Drink: Tequila Shot
Drink: Gin Shot
Drink: Diet 7-Up Shot
Drink: Parting Shot
Episode: 6: Farewell to Kris
Drink: Dixie Cocktail
Drink: Irish Whisky Highball
Drink: Twister
Episode: 5: Rum & Coke Special
Drink: Spiced Rum & Cola
Drink: Cuba Incarcerado
Drink: Cocorhum Cola
Episode: 4: Good Drinx & Bad Art
Drink: B-52
Drink: Bailey's on the Rox
Drink: Bailey's & Coffee
Episode: 3: Tequila Conflagration
Drink: Tequila Shot
Drink: Coffee
Drink: Bailey's and/or Kahlua & Coffee
Drink: Margarita
Drink: Tequila Sunrise
Episode: 2: Sex in the Yukon
Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
Drink: Yukon Jack on the Rocks
Drink: Rum & Coke
Episode: 1: Episode Number One
Drink: Scotch on the Rocks
Drink: Wrong Island Iced Tea
Drink: Amaretto Sour
Pix for Episodes:
Spring Break Mentality
The class of '93 celebrates high school graduation in Myrtle Beach.

J&B on Ice
Title frame for "J&B on Ice."

Quigley, Micro-roaster
Quigley explains how he like to roast a good coffee bean.

J&B on the Trax
B expounds yet another point in his endless pursuit of social justice, while J enjoys a cocktail and a cigarette.

Liza @ Queerstock
Liza prepares for a dramatic reading of Jessie's Girl.

Uptown Sign
"Have late breakfasts at the Uptown."

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